Where to See Sunset in Bali?

Sunset in Bali3Some tourists want to go to Bali just to see the beauty of sunset. Do you so? Well, Bali is such a great place for sunset sightseeing as long as you can find the best spot, such as:


Kuta is the most well-known tourist area in Bali when it comes to beach and sunset. Local and foreign tourists can spend the time at the beach to see the sunset. Nevertheless, Kuta beach might be extremely crowded, so you can’t really have a romantic moment with your loved one during the sunset. Kuta is also perfect for surfing and sunbathing.


Another famous place of interest to see sunset in Bali is Jimbaran. This tourist area is very close to Ngurah Rai International Airport. Aside from seeing sunset, people also visit Jimbaran by the reason of fishing. Yes, it is an amazing Bali fishing village. Visitors are able to enjoy the beauty of nature while trying to catch the Marlin.


Legian is an alternative of Kuta because it likely becomes a spot for seeing sunset, surfing, and sunbathing, too. Legian is a suburban area that allows visitors to get relaxed at the beach as well as go to public centers easily, such as restaurants, shopping centers, etc.


A fabulous place to watch the sunset is Uluwatu beach club. Have you ever been there? Uluwatu is famous as it provides the most luxurious hotels. Rock Bar from Ayana Resort and Spa Bali is a beach club where you can see the beautiful sunset.

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Preventing Bankruptcy for Business People

bangkrut aWhat’s your impression whenever you hear expression ‘bankrupt’? You certainly don’t need to take care of this term since broke will be the greatest opponent which have to be prevented, if you’re a small business owner. Sadly, broke is similar to a shadow that often places your organization. That’s why you’re immensely important to operate your organization carefully. Besides, it’s healthier to utilize many recommendations below, so you can run your business well and realize your dream:

End producing any obligations. Due to their need to spend cash, some business people are prepared to produce obligations to banks, credit organizations, and on occasion even traders. The toughest part is if they cannot thus they must cope with bankruptcy difficulty payoff the obligations. Hence, it’s is way better for you really to cease building any obligations. In order to prevent obligations attempt to handle and manage enterprise economic in addition to possible.

Put first things first. So that your dreams can’t take over your brain you’ve to differentiate business requirements than individual ones. For instance: prioritize to generally meet consumers than spend playtime with friends and family during office time or prioritize than head to pub after office hours in order to complete sales record. Nonetheless, it doesn’t imply that you can’t recharge mind, you can do it if you absolutely need.

Halt pointless charges. Purchasing new notebooks, office automobiles, or office equipment are a few samples of trivial expenditures which have to be ceased. Besides, lying off useless employees and lowering how many employees are different options that you could contemplate. Bear in mind you’ve to consult to human-resource first if you might like to do this if incorrect determination is taken by you as it brings unwanted effects.

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Look Wonderful after Pregnancy

Beautiful 3All-women may feel satisfied and feel is a huge full person, after having a baby to your kid, of course. But sadly, often there are a few ladies who feel less comfortable after having a baby, particularly in things of elegance.

How not, elegance is obviously a number of issues may occur after labor. With this entire predicament if it indicates a female that has given birth can’t be gorgeous? Of course not. So, just how do I?

Do workout

Generally, the weight of the girl’s body after childbirth might broaden and sagged particularly around the stomach, arms, and legs. With all this, its appropriate women after childbirth do frequent exercise. Activities are performed fairly easy exercise including running, aerobics, swimming, cycling, or even a peaceful walk.

Remove stretch-marks

Good lines are largely white, reddish, or brown is unquestionably ruining the wonder of the abdomen. So, just how do I remove it?

Stretch-marks are one of many elegance troubles encountered by women after childbirth. Stretchmark’s are a skin level harm high-quality collections are usually located on the stomach.

Clear the situation around the encounter

You should use hide pure products such as for instance egg whites, lemon-juice, or different, to resolve the issue to the experience. It may also do beauty treatment at Ovela Clinic.

Feminine hormones after labor are generally not healthy. This hormone difference can be the trigger for the beginning of the number of beauty problems, specifically around the experience along with acne, pimples, black places, and so forth.

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Make Your House Comfortable

House ComfortableProtect yourself and your family from the harsh weather, wild animals, and people who are not responsible, be a place of rest, and be a family gathering place is a few of the many functions of the house.

Given so many functions of the house, it is fitting you take care of your house as its occupants to always continue to provide comfort for you and your family. By the way how to make homes comfortable?

Clean the house regularly

No matter how busy your work, make sure to always clean your home on a regular basis. In addition to avoiding you and your family from the disease, it would also make you and your family more freely and comfortably at home playing and joking.

Expand the air vents

Be sure to multiply air vents in your home. Ease exchange of air from inside to outside and from outside to inside be certainly going to make the air in the room or the house is not stuffy.

Create a garden

If there is a place that allows, it would not hurt if you consider making a garden in the house. In addition to absorbing pollution, the park is in the house is expected to make homes cooler.

Place the flowers in the corner of the room

If the rooms in your home do not allow to be used as a garden, you can buy fresh flowers from the flower shop to be put in pots and placed in the corners of the house. Besides looking beautiful, the house you certainly will feel comfortable.

Re-paint wall color

Steps you can do are to repaint your wall color with a lighter color. Not only giving spirit, bright colors basically make the house look more spacious so it does not look crowded.


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Aspects to Contemplate before Beginning Flower Company

Flower Shop3Do you realize one of many encouraging firms nowadays? One of these new flower companies. Blossoms can also be highly-sought after for showing love, to decorate the wedding location, give condolences, gives her a happy birthday, congratulate or new businesses opened, roughly forth, along with designing your home is advised. You’re involved to activate? Nevertheless, you should look at these exact things:

Technique. The objective of business isn’t only searching for massive gains, but additionally makes these in to a growing business. Yes, one with ways of generates consumer interest rates provided, like with special flower arrangements.

Ability. You need to have the capability or proficiency of the particulars of blooms, to construct a new flower company.

  • How to find the right plants based on the visitor’s objective. In addition you must have the capability to select the right rose with customer spot, often for a declaration of friendship, love, and more.
  • How to produce flowers wilt challenging. The plants wilt quickly. This really is not likely your organization will die before advance should you not find a way to circumvent.

Hopefully a handful of the above info can help you to become a provider of interest. If you want to get more detailed information, you can find it on this website.


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Best Locations to Buy Property in Malaysia

malaysian property2In regard to home buying, people are always trying to find the best location. Well, is there any of you who choose Malaysia for your property investment plan? Yes, Malaysia is among the top Asian countries that likely brings you huge profit from investment. Research shows some top cities to buy property in Malaysia are:

Kuala Lumpur

The capital city obviously is always the best spot to highlight when it comes to property investment especially since it’s the fastest growing place in Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur or K.L is the most populous city in Malaysia in which the density is about 6,891 square meters as in March 2013. This city contains 11 districts: Segambut, Lembah Pantai, Kepong, Titiwangsa, Seputeh, and so on. Furthermore, it has so many tourism places around like Petronas Towers, Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, and many more.

Johor Bahru

Alternatively, you can consider purchasing property in Johor Bahru. This is the place where you can find tons of tourism attractions as well. Johor Bahru is the capital city of Johor which is situated at the southern of Malaysia. Some popular places of interest in Johor Bahru are Danga Bay, Legoland Malaysia, and Johor Bahru Zoo. Thus, it’s perfect for property investment, right?

George Town

Last but not least, you can also take George Town into consideration when selecting an area to invest in Malaysian property. This is the capital city of the state of Penang. This city is another populous and metropolitan area in Malaysia along with Kuala Lumpur. See more about George Town below:

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Course Syllabus for Master of Business Administration Programs

syllabusAre you interested in becoming a business professional? If so, it would not hurt if you learn the business strategy by means of lectures at the London School of Commerce more precisely by taking a Master of Business Administration.

In this course there are some course materials you will learn. What is it? Find the answer below.

Semester 1. At the beginning of the beginning of a lecture, you will learn about some of the material as follows:

  • Ability of management and entrepreneurship. These are basic materials that you will learn. This material is generally the fundamentals of management science and how to be a good entrepreneur.
  • Management of marketing. In this matter, you will be taught how to properly marketing products and strategies are appropriate or how you are doing so that interested buyers of your product.
  • Financial management. A businessman should certainly be clever in managing finances. To that end, at the beginning of the semester you will be taught how to manage finances ranging from managing revenues, minimize expenses, up to the financial develop.

Semester 2. In this semester, course material taught will go up one level more difficult and more detailed. In this semester, the London School of Commerce will give 3 lectures to choose students. It is intended that they are mastering the material or are interested in learning more.

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • International Business

If a third of the material has not been able to attract the attention of students, they can choose between 3 2 choices.

Semester 3. The theory given in the 1st half and the 2nd half will continued to practice this semester. Lecturer London School of Commerce also will deliver major projects to students.


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Internet Marketing as Your Promotion Media

internet marketingGenerally, the assumption most people about internet marketing is only limited to the sale and purchase of goods or services in person. In fact, when viewed from the perspective of a wider internet marketing can be used for branding and building good relationships with customers online.

Not only that, internet marketing is commonly used for the media campaign. How is this form of internet marketing for sale?

  • Email marketing. Of course we are no stranger to hear the word email. Yeah, send an email send a letter via computer networks or the Internet. According to the survey, this promotion is quite effective because it is directly sent to the owner of the email.
  • SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is performed in order promotional website can be on the main page on a search engine, like Google. You need to know, SEO generally require substantial time and requires special expertise.
  • Social media marketing. Promoting goods or services on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking was quite effective. This is because in one day there are thousands of people who open these social networks.
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Wisata Kalimantan Tengah

danau tahaiKalimantan Tengah merupakan sebuah provinsi di Indonesia yang beribukotakan Palangka Raya. Daerah yang memiliki luas sekitar 60,998 mil2 terdiri atas 88 Kecamatan, 13 Kabupaten, dan 1 Kota. Di sisi lain, daerah ini juga acap kali menjadi persinggahan para pecinta traveling. Pasalnya, Kalimantan Tengah memiliki tempat wisata yang cukup unik dan menarik. Apa saja?

Taman Nasional Tanjung Puting. Wisata alam yang menarik dikunjungi di Kalimantan Tengah adalah Taman Nasional Tanjung Puting. Taman ini ditetapkan UNESCO sebagai Cagar Biosfir. Taman ini sangat menjaga populasi hewan-hewan, khususnya orang utan agar tidak punah.

Wisata Danau Tahai. Pemandangannya yang cukup indah dan mempesona tak khayal menjadikannya sebagai tempat wisata favorit para pelancong. Jembatan kayu yang mengelilingi sekitar hutan menjadi hal menarik dari danau ini.

Wisata Rumah Adat Betang. Di sisi lain, para pelancong juga bisa berwisata sejarah di Rumah Adat Betang. Rumah Adat Betang merupakan rumah asli buatan suku Dayak. Keunikan dari rumah ini yakni dari bentuknya yang memanjang serta banyaknya pintu dan tangga.

Selain itu, Kalimantan Tengah kerap kali didatangi para pelancong untuk sewa tongkang di Kalimantan Tengah.

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Tips to Find Ideal Vacation Destination

tempat wisataHoliday at this time can be regarded as a necessity or an activity that should be done by everyone whether large, small, old, young, school children, and workers. This is because the holidays have a positive impact so useful, as well as to relieve stress, increase closeness with families or couples, or so forth.

However, the benefits can be obtained if you are right in the selection of tourist attractions. How to choose the right sites?

Adjust the hobby. If you have a hobby you should select surf beach resorts, but if you like adventure you should select a mountainous tourist attractions. In addition to calming the mind, these places can give satisfaction because it has met your hobby.

Adjust to the invited. If you are vacationing with family should select sites that have full rides (playgrounds, water boom, etc), but if you are on holiday with boyfriend should select tourist attractions nautical or garden.

Adjust the budget. It is no less important is to adjust the sights you’ll want to go with the budget you have. Do not let the holidays make your budget becomes uncontrolled.

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Traveling on a Limited Budget

traveling and budgetTraveling is the best way to relieve stress. We can do this on weekend or holiday with our loved friends or family. However, this activity tends to waste our money. Thus, what if we have a very limited budget? Some of you may postpone your plan to travel while the rests keep going. How to enjoy traveling on a limited budget?

Go to nature

I ever went with my four friends by driving our used car (mobil bekas). Because we had a very tight budget, we decided to go to nature. We did hiking and camping at that moment. Going to nature we even didn’t need to spend any penny

Shop discounted items

Traveling is not enough without shopping. Nevertheless, this is the main reason why people run out of money after going on vacation. Well, the solution is trying to find discounted items and great offers from certain stores for fashion item or food.

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My Wedding Anniversaries

weddI thank God for giving me a harmonious marriage with my husband. I have got married since twenty years ago and until now we’re given five children. Something I like in my marriage is our habit to celebrate our wedding anniversary.For us, it’s a way to show that our love is always maintained.

For the anniversary celebrations there were twenty different ways we have ever done. In the last wedding anniversary we celebrated two months ago, my husband made the anniversary cake. He’s responsible for all of the kitchen activities, including washing the pile of dishes using a dishwasher we bought on this website; while I was on duty to clean house and mow backyard as the place to hold a small party for two.

Want to know previous celebrations? We ever just slept all day, gave flowers each other, read wedding vows loudly, surrounded city, etc. I hope you get inspiration from my story.

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The Beauty of Gili Lampu

Gili LampuIf you look closer to Lombok Island, there are many Gilis you can find, not only the top three: Gili Trawangan, Meno, and Air. I was recently keen on exploring more Gilis in Lombok. After making a visit to Gili Bidara, I continued my trip to Gili Lampu. This Gili is very beautiful and even like a paradise to me.

Gili Lampu is located at Sambelia, East Lombok. The name “Lampu” is derived from Indonesian which means lamp or light. Former people named it as Gili Lampu because the island has a lighthouse. People can see the bright lighthouse from the far places. It looks beautiful!

The beauty of Gili Lampu is not only about the light. In fact, visitors can also enjoy the stunning view in the islands. Moreover, if we come in the morning, the sunrise looks very amazing from Gili Lampu. Just like in other islands, we can also have fun in the beach.

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Kenapa Bisa Salah Beli Barang?

beli barangBanyak orang yang mengalami salah beli barang, entah itu kebesaran, kekecilan, harganya terlalu mahal, bahannya nggak berkualitas, atau malah membeli barang yang seharusnya nggak dibeli.

Hal itu bisa terjadi karena orang tersebut enggan membuat catatan sebelum pergi belanja. Coba kalau mereka membuat catatan tentang apa yang mau dibeli sekaligus catatan lebih detilnya tentang masing-masing barang, misal, tas model tote, warna hijau, harga sekitar 200 ribu; pasti tak akan terjadi salah beli barang.

Penyebab lain dari salah beli barang saat belanja adalah karena orang-orang melewatkan kesempatan untuk mencoba barang tersebut terlebih dahulu. Sesampai di rumah, mereka baru sadar kalau mereka bali barang yang nggak matching dengan tubuh mereka.

Penyebab lain bisa juga karena orang memutuskan buat belanja online. Mereka mungkin beli sepatu, baju, dan tas wanita online. Di layar komputer atau handphone, mereka mungkin melihat kalau barang-barang yang mereka inginkan itu sangat sempurna, namun saat barang diterima, mereka baru sadar kalau layar komputer berbohong.

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Membelikan Mainan Anakku di Lojai

lojai cMenurutku Lojai adalah toko online yang komplit. Mengapa? Karena toko online ini menyediakan berbagai macam produk mulai dari mainan anak sampai kendaraan roda dua. Tidak hanya itu, Lojai juga menyediakan promo, diskon, dan program cicilan yang bisa menghemat uang para pembeli online. Dan tak kalah unggulnya dari toko online lain, Lojai menyediakan pengiriman kilat di mana produk dapat sampai ke tangan pembeli dalam waktu sekitar 6 jam. Layanan ini berlaku hanya untuk wilayah Jakarta, Bogor, Tanggerang, dan Bekasi.

Kepercayaanku terhadap toko online ini membuatku beberapa waktu yang lalu memutuskan untuk membeli mainan anak untuk buah hatiku. Aku membeli Electronic Drumstic, Think Doh 9 Colors, Studio Ghibli Music Box, dan AkunDa 3D Puzzle Safety Box. Kisaran harga produk tersebut mulai dari 203 ribu rupiah sampai 740 ribu rupiah. Anakku sangat bahagia saat aku membelikan semua mainan tersebut untuknya.

Membeli mainan anak baru pertama kali aku lakukan karena selama ini aku lebih sering membeli produk fashion di Lojai, seperti jam tangan, sepatu, dan pakaian.

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Tips Alami Awet Muda

awetSiapa yang tak mau awet muda? Tak ada bukan? Siapapun, termasuk anda, ingin menjadi orang yang awet muda. So, sebelum terlambat, ayo praktikkan tips awet muda secara alami berikut:

Rajin-rajinlah merawat wajah. Wajah yang jarang dibersihkan akan menjadi kusam dan berkerut, apalagi saat malam / saat anda tidur di mana kulit harus melakukan proses regenarasi. Gunakan juga masker wajah alami dengan teratur.

Rajin-rajinlah olahraga. Olahraga akan membuat tubuh sehat dan darah beredar ke seluruh tubuh dengan lancar di mana hal ini akan membuat anda tetap sehat dan awet muda.

Makan makanan sehat. Makanan yang sehat harus mengandung banyak air, vitamin, dan zat yang bisa menutrisi kulit. Sayuran, buah-buahan, makanan yang mengandung protein, dll, adalah contohnya. Juga jangan lupa minum banyak air putih.

Hindari stress. Stress memunculkan berbagai macam penyakit. Hal yang paling nyata, jika anda selalu berpikir keras, otot-otot anda akan tegang di mana hal ini akan membuat anda terlihat lebih tua dengan cepat.


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Menyelam adalah Hobiku, Kalo Kamu?

menyelamTinggal di pinggiran kota yang dekat dengan pesisir pantai, membuat masa kecilku banyak aku habiskan di pantai. Aku dan teman-temanku biasanya berenang, snorkeling dan menyelam untuk melihat keanekaragaman hayati di bawah laut. Kegiatan tersebut akhirnya aku geluti hingga sekarang. Saat ini aku sangat menyukai olahraga menyelam karena bagiku olahraga ini sangat menantang dan mengasyikan.

Btw, beberapa waktu yang lalu, aku liburan bersama saudara-saudaraku ke sebuah wilayah pinggir pantai di luar kota. Saat itu, kami memutuskan untuk menyelam bersama. Saat baru satu menit di dalam air, aku memutuskan untuk segera naik ke kapal. Saudaraku pun mengikutiku dan menanyakan apa yang sedang terjadi padaku. Aku naik kepermukaan karena aku lupa melepas jam tangan baru oleh-oleh saudaraku. Aku pikir jam tangan tersebut pasti rusak karena sudah terkena air. Ternyata dugaanku salah jam tangan itu adalah jam tangan tahan air.

Aku benar-benar lega melihat jam tangan itu masih berfungsi dengan baik saat aku bawa ke permukaan. Setelah itu, kami pun melanjutkan acara menyelam kami untuk melihat keindahan laut di tempat tersebut.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Seruit Emang Dahsyat

seruit aLiburan ke Lampung tidak akan pernah lengkap rasanya jika tidak mencicipi makanan khas Lampung, seperti seruit. Ya itulah yang aku lakukan beberapa waktu yang lalu saat liburan ke Bumi Ruwai Jurai tersebut. Aku yang waktu itu liburan bersama teman-temanku pergi ke sebuah rumah makan yang lokasinya tidak jauh dari hotel tempat kami menginap. Rumah makan tersebut menyediakan berbagai macam menu khas Lampung.

Beberapa temanku memilih untuk mencicipi pindang ikan khas Lampung. Aku juga mencicipi masakan tradisional ini. Rasanya memang segar dan mantab. Pindang  tersebut dilengkapi dengan ikan patin dan kuah yang segar. Sedangkan aku dan temanku yang lainnya memilih untuk mencici seruit. Jujur aku baru pertama kali mendengar nama makanan tradisional tersebut. Tentu, aku belum tahu bagaimana rasanya.

Seruit adalah ikan bakar yang diberi sambal pedas khas Lampung atau dilumuri dengan tempoyak. Kebetulan rumah makan tersebut menyediakan seruit yang dilengkapi dengan tempoyak. Saat aku mulai mencicipi seruit, daging ikan terasa agak masam tapi segar ketika ditelan. Hal ini karena campuran tempoyak yang sudah meresap ke dalam daging. Aku dan teman-temanku dengan lahap menghabiskan 3 porsi seruit.

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Recommended Polaris RZR Racks

Polaris RZR RacksDo you like adventuring by driving UTV? If you do, aside from equipping this utility task vehicle with Polaris RZR bumper, you are highly encouraged to install Polaris RZR rack, so you can bring bags or supplies when adventuring easily. Are you keen on buying this item? If you answer yes, below are some recommended Polaris RZR racks that you can choose:

Hornet Outdoors Polaris Ranger RZR Rear Cargo Rack. This rack can be the right choice if you like bringing heavy boxes or items. To get this rack, spend for 349.95 dollars.

RZR Light and Cargo Rack. If you like adventuring at night, RZR Light and Cargo Rack is good choice. This rack is equipped with two lamps that can illuminate road in dark area, so you can enjoy adventuring. To have this item, you need to spend for 219.95 dollars.

Whatever your rack choice is, make sure that you buy it only at trusted stores, okay!


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